Monday, August 18, 2014


  1. the quality of being kind and generous.

This might be one of my favorite topics ever! I loooove generosity! How can one NOT get excited when you know that you are freely giving something for the benefit of another person!?  Perhaps, part of the reason I love giving is because i'm a "gifts" person, if you know anything about the 5 love languages (words of affirmation, gifts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch) then you know that people have various dispositions to feel loved in different ways.  For me gifts are #2 on my list, so therefore I feel loved when giving and receiving gifts. 

I was raised with generous parents and I grew up in a small town (like realllly small...I graduated high school with 10 other people, yup you heard me 10!)  It was natural to help your neighbor when you saw them in need, it was the neighborly thing to do! My mom would constantly be taking food to the elderly shut ins in the community to see how they were doing.  My dad was known to loan complete strangers a car on occasion when theirs broke down in front of our house. The instructions were always the same, leave it in town with the keys in it and he'd pick it up the next day, and low and behold the car was always there, no one ever tried to steal them!  I also grew up next to a highway in the middle of nowhere, people would run out of gas quite frequently during my childhood.  You would see a person walking up the long dirt road that led to our house and you'd know instantly to run and get dad because they needed gas or help starting their car.  My parents were generous with their time, resources, and talents, they didn't talk to us about being generous they modeled it.

Generosity isn't a mind set it's a way of life and something I get really excited about as an adult.  It can be as simple as being kind to someone or giving them a hand with their groceries, it doesn't always have to be a material or financial item given, although that can be apart of it.  And if you are afraid of not receiving anything in return when you give something away remember you are always blessed when you bless others.

 Do something generous for someone today, step outside of your box and be bold.  Your life will begin to change when you start freely giving, take my word for it!


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