Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dreamer of the Unseen

I've been in a bit of a dream state these last few weeks, perhaps more than normal. There is something about the ushering in of fall that makes the air feel full of unspoken promise.  That's the place I've been hibernating in, that sweet, intoxicating, hope filled place....the place of the unseen. 

I'm a huge fan of watching the unseen become visible.  And by watching I mean (leaning in to it, giving it strength and legs through prayer) then sitting back and watching God do his thing.

I decided to be vulnerable and share some of my dreams with you in hopes that it encourages you to dream BIG, to think outside of the box and to be wildly romantic with your imagination.  After all the sky is the limit!

Note: I actually had a playlist going while writing tonight instead of the hum of my air conditioner.  You can find the list at the bottom of the page. 

1. Travel to Europe again (eat. explore. eat. explore. eat. explore. repeat.)

2. Visit Bob Goff's "Lodge" with my sis and brother in law (become friends w/ Bob Goff)

3. Attend a performance at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna

4. Attend a BBQ at President George W. Bush's ranch in Texas (become friends w/ the President)

5. Stay in Giraffe Manor in Kenya (become friends w/ giraffes)

6. Write a song that I love that can support me financially 

7. Have my hand held, by my love, down a tree lined street while simultaneously laughing

8. Find "said" love/husband/laughing partner (become friends)

9. Write a book

10. Collaborate on a fashion line 

11. Have a family with the person in # 8 (cuz kids are cool and stuff)

12. Visit Honduras to love on the She Dances girls

13. Go back to Haiti

14. Never run a marathon

15. Visit the Holy Land

16. Vacation in Greece

17. Learn how to curl the right side of my hair so it keeps it's curl

18. Be less afraid of performing songs

19. Number "8" again

20. Read the bible from start to finish

21. Learn how to knit a sweater 

22. Road trip the south with some of my best girlfriends

23. Go on tour again

24. Watch my friends obtain their wildest dreams

25. Relearn basic math 

 I've now tricked you into continuing to read my blog just to see for yourself if I've become friends with a giraffe or a president or if my hair is keeping it's curl. (all reeeeally important things)

 It's part of my plan actually, to keep you as my friend, to share my life with you. 

What dreams do you have today?
I'd love to read them in the comment section below and be your cheerleader!


Fly Me To The Moon - Tony Bennett
A Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack
Two Sleepy People - Seth McFarlane and Norah Jones
Like Someone In Love - Ella Fitzgerald
This is Always - Betty Carter
Embraceable You - Billie Holiday

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