Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just For Fun

I recently watched "The Hundred Foot Journey" then recounted the movie to a loved one.  

It went like this.....  

ME: "Yeah it was good, you'll probably like it, but all I took away was that I now want to move to France, wear a pretty dress and ride a bike everywhere." 

THEM: "Well that doesn't seem very realistic." 

ME: Silence....then....laughter.  

I suppose it didn't sound very realistic to them but it sounded perfectly normal to me. 

It had never crossed my mind that that sort of dream couldn't be done.  Instead of making me mad it made me love them even more, because it actually encouraged me to dream BIGGER.  

I'm not saying i'm moving to France anytime soon, although what girl doesn't toy with the thought of moving to France? But the spontaneity of adventure is ALWAYS on my mind.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of my father.  He's in Egypt, in front of a pyramid, on top of a camel, in a business suit.  Whose idea was it to suddenly hop on a camel in a business suit?  I'm kinda hoping it was his.
 Spontaneity. Check!  Adventure. Check!  

Treasure hunts were a favorite game of mine growing up, they seemed adventurous and way more fun than checkers. I hated playing checkers because my little sister would always beat me, no joke, always.  It got to the point where i refused to play with her because i knew I would loose in a matter of minutes. She had two qualities that i didn't have to win at checkers, competition and strategy. And she is very good at both. 

That's why I loved treasure hunts, they were more my speed, you were never competing against anyone and you were able to ponder, to seek, to find.  In fact they would still be a favorite game of mine if anyone would ever want to play with me.  When was the last time someone intentionally hid something awesome from you, gave you a lot of clues and then encouraged you to find the surprise at the end?  And I'm not talking about your roommate loosing the tv remote in the couch and tricking you into going on a treasure hunt to find it.  

I mean when was the last time someone took the time to plan something strategically and intentionally for you.. just for fun?  

When was the last time I did that?  A few years ago I did hide all of my sister's birthday presents, and then gleefully watched as she ran around the cold Colorado snow to find them. Subconsciously I must have been paying her back for all those lost checker matches. :)

It's the seeking and finding, the anticipation of something amazing at the other end that gets me excited. And isn't life with Jesus exactly the same way?  It's an adventure where we get to seek and find.   The more we seek and find the more amazing the gifts become. 

 That's why I love Jesus, he's so personal and fun, he always thinks treasure hunts are a good idea. 

So here's to you and a week full of adventure, dreaming bigger and awesome gifts... just for fun! 


Free tip:  To my future boo, throw that "treasure hunt" game into the mix at some point. 
      Your welcome.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday Adventures

So with only a handful of months left in this city I realized I have a bucket list a mile long of places I want to visit before I head east.  So yesterday my friend Laura and I decided to tackle some places downtown.  

The day started at Bottega Louie, then we made our way to the rooftop at the Ace Hotel, strolled around the lake in Echo Park and ended up at Speranza's in Silverlake.  

It was a day full of adventure, I should make time for more of these.