Monday, February 2, 2015

Goodbye Los Angeles

Los Angeles.

When I moved there ten years ago I knew it would be a place that would make me risk, a city where I would make friendships and test out dreams, a place where I would put down roots for years.  I did not realize it would be a place where I would learn to love.

I thought I knew how to do that already and did it fairly well.  Little did I know that the next ten years would be full of "love lessons," not necessarily the romantic kind, although there was a lot of learning in that area as well, but of the straight up human kind.

LA captivated me, it's a place of beauty, a place of diversity and different cultures, sets of beliefs, ideals and goals that rivaled my own.   I realized I knew nothing about loving others well.  I tended to only love those who i agreed with or understood.  My judgements of others interfered with how I saw them and if I loved them well, or at all. Thankfully as each year stripped away my gross outer layers and the Lord worked in my heart I saw people as people, not as labels, but as humans; eating, breathing, sleeping, hurting, laughing humans, just like you and I.

 It gave me this daily prayer, "That I will love people well."  I now know that LA prepared me for something much bigger than I ever realized.  I was never there for a hit song or a taste of fame but for a life knowing how to love others, to see past the differences and look to the heart.

And to me that is a hundred times better than fame or a hit song any day.

Thank you LA for the last ten years!  You were wonderful!


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